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Get Your Yard Ready For Fall With A Honda Lawn Mower

Let’s face it – yardwork is a necessary evil. Not all yard work, though. For some, planting a garden, trimming hedges, or planting flowers is a fun hobby. To others, not so much. There’s also the yard work that isn’t much fun at all – mowing the lawn, weed eating,... [read more]

Uses For A Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Hedge Trimmer
If you’re searching for a hedge trimmer attachment, look no further than Brannon Honda’s power equipment options. At Brannon Honda, you’ll find a wide array of equipment that will help you with yard work, maintenance, and much more. Below, we take a closer look at the hedge trimmer attachment and... [read more]

Be Prepared With A Honda Water Pump

Life can be messy. We’re not talking about relationship or health problems, but the times in life when you need some water and a sponge to clean up. You might be thinking about your kid who wrote on the walls of your home with crayons, but we’re talking about bigger... [read more]

Find The Right Honda Water Pump For Your Needs

Honda Water Pump
They might not be the most exciting or glamorous of Honda's product lineup, but water pumps are a vital power tool for a number of applications. And if you're looking for one that has Honda-caliber quality, reliability, and value, it's good to know that Honda offers a great selection of... [read more]

New GFCI Feature for Honda Generators

Honda Generators GFCI Birmingham
Buy a new Honda generator from Brannon Honda Power Equipment in Birmingham, Alabama and you will have access to the new GFCI feature. This ground fault circuit interrupter is being added to... [read more]