Gear Up For Summer With A New Honda Tiller

Honda Tillers

If you’re ready to get in the yard or garden after the long dreary winter, you’re not alone. And what better way to welcome the South’s favorite season than with some new toys that will help you make your growing projects the best they can be? It all starts with well-tilled soil, rich and loose and ready for anything you care to plant. Be it grass, vegetables, or flowers, your plantings will thrive when you’ve prepared your soil with the right tiller. How do you know the right tiller? That’s easy: It’s a Honda.

Honda Tillers

Preparing your lawn or garden for the growing season is easy when you have a top-of-the-line tiller from Honda on your side. Like all Honda products, their lineup of tillers represents superior quality and capability. They are also versatile, so you can tackle any size job with ease. Here are a few to consider:

  • FG110 – This value-loaded mini tiller is lightweight at just 29 pounds, making it simple to handle and use. Whether breaking new ground or cultivating soft soil for your garden, this tiller has what it takes to make quick work of the job.
  • F220 – With an easy-starting commercial-grade Honda GX engine and an adjustable 21-inch or 12-inch tilling width, this tiller can handle whatever you need it to do. It has an adjustable depth bar that makes it easy to control the depth and speed of the tiller.
  • FC600 – A powerful Honda OHV commercial-grade engine and staggered tines promote strong and smooth operation of this model. Side discs are standard, keeping the tiller aligned for neater furrowing. A quick-adjusting three-position handle allows you to get the correct height for comfortable and ergonomic operation.
  • FRC800 – This Honda tiller’s powerful engine makes easy work of even the toughest digging job. It is self-propelled with three forward speeds and one reverse, and it features a convenient loop handle for operation from either side.

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Get Your Tiller at Brannon Honda

Whether you know exactly the type of tiller you need or would like a little guidance from Honda power equipment experts, a visit to Brannon Honda is definitely in order. We carry the full lineup of Honda power equipment at excellent prices, and our sales team is knowledgeable about every model we have in stock. They can help you select the right one for your needs and budget, and show you the proper way to use it. Stop by our conveniently located Honda power equipment dealer today to see what we have in store. Your lawn and garden projects are waiting!