Why a Honda Robotic Lawn Mower is All the Rage

Honda Miimo

With warm weather comes growing grass. So, you’re probably looking for ways to keep your yard manicured. Don’t worry. Your search ends here! Groom your lawn with ease using a Honda robotic lawn mower. Cutting grass has never been so simple.

History of the Lawn Mower

When the first lawn mower was first introduced in 1830, it was a groundbreaking invention. Edwin Budding’s contraption was initially used for cutting the grass on sports lawns. However, by the 1850’s, various companies were producing and selling their own versions, and the machine was greatly developed throughout the years to come, causing a change in the market. Over time, the lawn mower made its way into the homes of the public.

After the advancement in technology following WWI, there was a large increase in mower production. They were in suck high demand that multiple companies began a mass production of motors, and they were able to be sold at a more affordable price.

Of course, the push mower was the first lawn mower created. However, the first riding mowers were introduced in the early 1900’s. The chain-driven mowers could be towed by horses, and the operators would ride along and drive the machine.

Later in 1919, the gas-powered lawn mower hit the market. It was created by Colonel Edwin George and became very popular after WWII.

Rotary mowers made their way to the forefront in the 1930’s. They paved the way for further development of the riding mower, making it possible to create the version that used a combustion engine.

Introducing: The Robotic Mower

Today, things have been taken to a whole new level within the mower market. You can maintain your yard with minimal effort thanks to the Honda robotic mower! The Miimo is able to charge and mow independently, so you barely have to lift a finger to groom your lawn.

There are currently two different Miimo models available. Depending on your lawn size, choose between the Miimi HRM520 or the Miimo HRM310. The first option covers 0.75 acres while the latter covers smaller lawns of up to 0.37 acres.

Special Honda Miimo Features

There are lots of reasons why a Honda Miimo is the perfect choice for your next lawn mower. Some of our favorites are listed below:

-They offer three programmable cutting patterns for an even and consistent trim: Random, Mixed, or Directional.

-These mowers feature three special cutting blades that automatically switch between counter-clockwise and clockwise spinning.

-Miimo mowers are equipped with advanced surrounding sensors, as well as a floating cover that detects difficult terrain and obstacles. The sensors will automatically stop the mowers blades when it is titled or lifted, and will cause the Miimo to change direction if it is coming in contact with an object.

To learn more about what the Honda Miimo has to offer you, click here.


As you can see, the new Honda robotic lawn mower is all the rage. Would you like to purchase one of your own? Visit the professionals here at Brannon Honda in Birmingham, AL and prepare for a picture perfect lawn this summer.